Printed Circuit Board Design

Our aim is to provide timely PCB design that achieves your design goals, yielding a board that is "right first time" and is economically manufacturable.

Our design experience encompasses the full technology spectrum; from single-sided, high volume, price-sensitive consumer boards to multi-layer, high density SMD, high-speed controlled impedance designs. We have successfully completed many high-speed digital and analog, as well as mixed technology designs with through hole and SMD components. We practice Design for Manufacture principles and will liase with your manufacturing and assembly facilities to bring your design to successful completion.

We use your design standards or industry standards (IPC, AS , MIL etc.) to transform your schematic into a viable PCB design. An initial consultation with your design engineers to gather the necessary design parameters, mechanical constraints and design rules is followed by a preliminary component placement. Once this is approved the board is routed. At all times there is a close working relationship with your design engineers to ensure that the board design progresses smoothly and with total confidence.

Board routing can be either manual, auto-routed or a combination - dependent on the design and your requirements. Design for EMC is a necessity in today’s market and we have the latest techniques and CAD tools at our disposal to achieve a "clean" layout.

At completion we provide the finished CAD file, Gerber files and manufacturing documentation as a package ready for board fabrication and assembly.